Rarewoods Cherry Cigars



Rarewoods cigars are known for their distinctive packaging and appearance with a frayed end, tapered body and unfinished head. These rough-looking cigars are made in Dominican Republic. Rarewoods cigars offer mild and flavorful taste and sweet aroma.
The Rarewoods Cherry cigars are excellent full cherry flavored.

6 reviews for Rarewoods Cherry Cigars

  1. Webbs Jersey

    A little harsh in my vaporizer but a great high that lasts awhile. Would order again

  2. Rafferty Huber

    Nice and tasty

  3. Tahmid Hartley

    This flower was amazing taste and something I really enjoyed the high was calming and happy

  4. George

    Really love the smell and taste, good high too! Very good

  5. Kacper Buxton

    my girlfriend loves this strain please restock

  6. Millar

    Pretty good smoke, burns great, but not the best I’ve had from Ha!

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