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  1. Come home sisters

    May 21, 2015 by MissSugar

    “I am dreaming back my sisters
    Whisper-worn footfalls on the Temple steps
    Storm dwellers
    Heavy-breasted cauldron keepers
    Snake sisters
    Darkmoon dancers

    Labyrinth builders
    Star bridgers
    Fiery-eyed dragon-ryders
    Wind seekers
    Shape shifters
    Corn daughters

    Wolf women
    Earth stewards
    Gentle-handed womb sounders
    Dream spinners
    Flame keepers
    Moon birthers

    Come home sisters, come home”
    -Marie Elena Gaspari


  2. Sacred Geometry

    May 20, 2015 by MissSugar

  3. Awaken

    May 19, 2015 by MissSugar

    May you awaken to the mystery of being here
    and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence.
    May you have joy and peace in the temple of your senses.
    May you receive great encouragement when new frontiers beckon.
    May you respond to the call of your gift and find the courage to follow its path.
    May the flame of anger free you from falsity.
    May warmth of heart keep your presence aflame and may anxiety never linger about you.
    May your outer dignity mirror an inner dignity of soul.
    May you take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention.
    May you be consoled in the secret symmetry of your soul.
    May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.
    – John O’Donohue

  4. Witches’ Bottle

    May 18, 2015 by MissSugar

    The Witches’ Bottle is a very powerful means of protecting your space. It is buried on your property (if you are an apartment dweller, you might try burying it in a potted plant at your door) in order to attract all negative things to it where it traps them. If you move, by all means, then dig it up and either destroy it or bring it to your new home.
    from SPELL CRAFTS by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington and other sources

    Witches Bottle for Protection

    Gather rosemary, needles, pins and red wine. Fill a small jar with the first three, saying while you work:

    Pins, needles, rosemary, wine;
    In this witches bottle of mine.
    Guard against harm and enmity;
    This is my will, so mote it be!

    Visualize these doing just that. When the jar is full, pour in the red wine. Then cap or cork the jar and drip wax from a red or black candle to seal. Bury it at the farthest corner of your property or put it in an inconspicuous spot in your house. Draw the banishing pentagram in the dirt above it. The witches bottle destroys negativity and evil ; the pins and needles impale evil, the wine drowns it, and the rosemary sends it away from your property.

    Optional ingredients

    Glass jar with metal lid
    Sea Salt
    3 bent rusty nails
    razor blades
    cactus spines
    rose thorns
    broken glass
    1 egg
    Rowanwood berries
    Sealing Wax
    3 drops of your blood
    Urine instead of wine

  5. Pendulums

    May 18, 2015 by MissSugar

    There is a certain art to working with a pendulum, and if done properly, a well attuned pendulum can reveal a great deal of information to its user about the cycles of their own energy or that of another person or various other scenarios.  How does a pendulum work?

    A pendulum is a simple instrument consisting of a weight suspended on the end of a chain or cord that is intentionally dowsed (immersed) into various electromagnetic fields to read energy flow or used as a divinatory implement to receive guided information.

    Pendulums have been used for many decades for a wide variety of purposes including locating water or other underground resources, to locate infection or illness in a patient’s body by doctors of antiquity, and all the way through the modern day to its application in practices such as reading the chakras, receiving information about the future, diagnosing the quality of food or drink, and more.

    The way a pendulum works is simple physics.  The chain must be held at the far opposite end of the weight and the user must maintain a steady hand and arm as not to affect the movement pattern the pendulum begins to follow.  The object acting as the weight will be ‘dowsed’ into some field of energy to be read (a chakra, a body area, a location above the ground surface, etc).  By immersing it in said energy the weight will then begin to move with the energy pattern held within the field it is being dowsed in.  This will clearly indicate the way energy is moving and provide the user information about the dynamics at hand.

    Types of Pendulums

    Pendulums can be crafted from a wide variety of materials.  The cord component can be thread or metal chain and the pendulum component can be crystals that are raw or cut, metal, or wood.  Different materials of course carry different energies and express different qualities and are therefore each most effective for different things.  The important thing is that the pendulum be attuned to its user specifically so that it will be reflective of his or her individual consciousness.

    Selecting a Pendulum

    When you are selecting a pendulum you will most likely end up in a metaphysical or spiritual shop as they are unlikely to be sold in too many other places.  They can also be purchased all across the web in different shops, or you could even make your own if you are a handy person.

    As will choosing crystals, the only real guide you need is your instincts and intuition.  You will probably be drawn to a specific one or a few and by testing that one or few out you can get a feel for how a particular piece resonates with you.  Do so by raising your arm with your elbow slightly bent and held slightly higher than the level of your hand, then suspend the pendulum by the full length of the chain between your thumb and pointer finger.  This can be done with whichever hand is your dominant hand.  The most common way to test a pendulum would be to ask it a yes or no question that you know the answer to.

    For instance “Am I a woman?” If the pendulum is swinging clockwise this would indicate yes and if you are a woman this would make the pendulum correct.  If the pendulum rotates counterclockwise this would indicate no and if you are a woman this would make the pendulum incorrect.

    You could also test how the pendulum feels by asking it if it is the pendulum for you and seeing which way it swings.  Understand, however, that if the pendulum has been handled by many people, you may need to attune it to yourself after purchase in order to attain very clear results.  Therefore, if you feel very drawn to a particular piece, but the ‘yes or no’ question test is not giving  test is not giving you clear information, you should still follow your gut and natural preference.

    Programming Your Pendulum

    You can and should program your pendulum to your personal energy and intentions.  You can cleanse the piece as you would a crystal if it is indeed made of crystal, being careful not to damage any metal components (in other words, you might be careful about exposing it to salt water which is a traditional way to cleanse stones).  A safe and effective way to cleanse random energies away would be to smudge your pendulum with sage/cedar/copal or some other herbal smoke.

    After your pendulum feels well cleansed you can now program it to yourself.  Hold the pendulum in your palm and put your intention for working with it into it with your thoughts or out loud.  For instance, your intention might be: “This pendulum will be used to reveal to me my own highest truth” or “with this pendulum I will be connected to light, clarity, and guidance”.  Abracadabra.  That’s all you need to do and you are ready to go.

    Reading Energy With Your Pendulum

    Here are a few ways to put your pendulum to good use, but use your imagination for other ways a pendulum may help you attune yourself to the energies in and around yourself.

    Chakras- reading chakras with a pendulum will generally require a partner because it will be difficult to see what the pendulum is doing if you are lying down to read your own.  You will simply need to have your partner lie down on their back with hands and legs uncrossed.  As indicated above, the pendulum should be suspended about an inch directly above the skin in the location of the chakra center being read.  With a still hand wait until the pendulum beings to naturally swing and allow it to do so for a minute or so before making a reading, noting the way it may stop, reverse, or alternate in any way.  As you go through each of the 7 chakras, you can write down the results to be charted over time and analyzed afterwards. A very basic way to interpret this data would be that chakras spinning clockwise are metabolizing new energy while those spinning counterclockwise are not metabolizing new energy at this time.  If the rotation of spin is very large or fast, the center is probably processing much energy while if it is small or slow or barely moving, it is not processing much energy.

    Asking Questions– as mentioned above you may wish to work with your pendulum in receiving answers to your questions or guidance about various topics.  You would use the pendulum in the same way and simply ask a yes or no question, taking clockwise as yes and counterclockwise as no, unless you have programmed it otherwise.

    Art of Pendulum Use

    Ultimately the use of a pendulum, like any tool or instrument, is intended to help expand your awareness and precision.  A pendulum cannot tell you anything you don’t already know at a core level.  Rather, it is a wonderful instrument used to help you become more acquainted with your ability to feel, sense, and understand the subtle ways energies move in and through you.

  6. Petition Papers

    May 6, 2015 by MissSugar


    Petition paper or name-paper is commonly used for attracting, controlling, and influencing a certain situation. They are basically the map of the spell work and give specific directions of what you want to happen, basically on what you want the spirits and power you put into the spell work to do. The name-paper is a talisman, having written on it a certain intention of how you want the working to go forward.

    Petitions are usually written on a piece of ordinary, brown grocery bag paper. Torn on all four sides to form a square or for those that want a neater square, a scissor will be your best friend. There are several styles of making a name-paper: The name paper is a petition that has the target’s name written an odd number of times (3,7,9,13). The number of times varies upon the intent of the working: 3 is for manifestation, 7 is used quite a lot for prosperity and gambling, 9 is used for imposing will on others or gaining control over a situation, and 13 is a number used to uncross a person or yourself.

    Crossed names are petitions where two people’s names have been crossed over, the person that wants to gain the upper hand will cross over the name of the target. For example: once written the target’s name, the paper is turned 90 degrees clockwise and the name of the person who wants to gain the upper hand is written. The name would be on top of the targets, symbolizing dominance and gaining control over the situation. For crossed names, a written petition would usually be going around the names stating a wish such as “Love me”. To push someone away from you or for reversal, writing a name backwards on a petition is used.

    It is common to dress the paper once the petition is written, with oil relating to the goal of your working. For example: To a petition whose purpose is to attract a specific suitor, you would use oils such as “Follow Me Boy” or “Come to Me”.

    Some people may also use color symbolizing the purpose of their working, such as red for Love or green for prosperity. The manner in which name-papers are carried out really varies on the style of the practitioner, some may use different colors as stated above or some may prefer to use a pencil.

  7. Liber Null – understanding Magick as Chaos

    May 3, 2015 by MissSugar

  8. Pick a Door to reveal your path

    May 2, 2015 by MissSugar


    Pick a door from the picture above:

    Which one drew you in? Which one seemed most ideal to you? The door you chose can tell you a lot about your motives and your future.

    If you chose door number one:

    You seek a path of freedom. You like having lots of space for yourself and to forge your own pathway, especially if there are endless possibilities. You’re independent and don’t like confrontation. You don’t want to be rushed and like to savor your time.

    If you chose door number two:

    you prefer the private path over the path well traveled. You like to travel alone, live alone, think alone and be alone. Your pathway is a path for one. You may be original, creative, insightful, philosophical, and introverted. You view the world in a unique way.

    If you chose door number three:

    your future is a colorful one! You’re an engaging person who loves to be a part of the world, taking it all in and experiencing it all. Your life is all about the journey, not the destination. You’re curious by nature and always excited to learn more about the place you call home. You tend to be witty and people are always laughing around you.

    If you chose door number four:

    you want the exciting path through life! You love chaos and unpredictable situations. You are drawn into the unknown. You don’t care about rules one little bit. You’re spontaneous and a major thrill seeker. Your favorite thing ever is an afternoon in an amusement park riding the biggest, scariest rides.

    If you chose door number five:

    you like a calm, welcoming path. You’re a peace seeker and an overall low maintenance person. You enjoy the clear cut path forward. Sometimes you like the easy option and just don’t want to pick something that’ll be harder on you than necessary, and that’s fine. You’re often appreciated for being down to earth.

    If you chose door number six:

    You enjoy the quieter path. You can spend huge lengths of time alone without feeling particularly lonely. You like the still, quiet path forward. You want to take in everything that you see and truly be a part of your environment. You tend to live life deliberately in action and thought. You value true relationships over all else.

  9. Personality Test

    April 29, 2015 by MissSugar

    1. You are peering into the sea, what do you feel? Focus only on your first impression. You can close your eyes to better feel it…

    2. You are walking through the woods and look at the ground. Write down what you feel.

    3. What do you feel when looking at flying seagulls? It’s all right if in this case you make up with a quick response.

    4. What about a herd of horses? Write the first thing that comes to mind, avoid thinking for too much time.

    5. You are in the desert, standing by the wall with a small hole, behind which you see the oasis. What are your actions? Don’t write just your thoughts and feelings, but focus on what you would do in this situation.

    6. You are still in the desert, completely exhausted, and suddenly see a water jug. Once again, your actions are what matters in this question. Your answer may sound banal, but still write it down.

    7. You are lost in the woods in the evening and see a house with lights on. Write what you’re gonna do.

    8. You’re in the fog. Once more, focus on actions and write down how you would behave.



    1. Your attitude to life, emotions, sensations.

    2. The way you feel in your own family.

    3. Your attitude towards women.

    4. Your attitude to men.

    5. Your basic life strategy and goal. The way you solve your problems.

    6. How selective you are in sexual life. Choice of a partner.

    7. Your readiness for marriage.

    8. Your attitude to death.

  10. Choose a Door

    April 29, 2015 by MissSugar


    If you chose door #1:

    You’re all about the simpler things in life. You like quiet spaces, time alone, and pure solitude. You probably enjoy solo travel and camping trips too. You like to be homey when with people. You have high hopes for your future. You’re destined for a life free of drama.

    If you chose door #2:

    You’re destined for wealth, but you’re not sure how it’ll come. Either way, work hard and try your best at everything you want to do. The stairs in the doorway show you have a drive for climbing even higher. You enjoy the journey.

    If you chose door #3:

    You tend to be much more cautious. You often shy away from any kind of adventure into the unknown. You don’t ignore warning signs. The fire hydrant shows a possibility of danger but the necessary tools to put out a fire. The door is dark, meaning there could be anything beyond it.

    If you chose door #4:

    You’re ready for a fight any time, be it a legal fight, a power struggle, a promotion at work, or wholloping the crap out of someone who broke into your house. Red symbolizes power. Even the iron edges scream intimidation.

    If you chose door #5:

    You like to think things are about to settle down. You might be going through a rocky time now, but normal life will soon set in. You’re ready to find a lover and be loyal. You yearn for a family. Oh, and you probably just love having pets.

    If you chose door #6:

    You might be feeling a bit burdened in life, but you’re optimistic. Dark times are behind you. There’s light ahead, but you haven’t reached it yet. You have a brighter future, but it’ll take work to get up those steps. The worst is over. You’re on to something better.

    If you chose door #7:

    You may lead a more chaotic life, but it’s not something you can’t handle. You’re very close to being comfortable with your future. You like to have multiple options, as the multiple doorways represent different possibilities. When you run into a wall, there’s often another door for you nearby, isn’t there?

    If you chose door #8:

    You tend to be curious, creative, and may have a job in a scientific field like physics, engineering or biology. You aren’t careless at all. You’re fine with taking risks and feel like adventure will pay off. Remember: there’s no time like the present to give something new a try.